February 21, 2009

Shopping Like Crazy!

When I was walking through PS to took my lunch, I was been surprising by a lot of people walking around there, taking a lot of red plastic bags (I really mean a "LOT", more than 3 bags fulfilling their hands ). It became crowded than the other day. Oh no wonder, there was Metro Big Sale on that Friday. People shopped like crazy then. Uuupps,,not people, it's more appropriate if I write : Woman shopped like crazy.

They just took a lot of shoes, bags, and clothes, no matter the price is. They though that the price is lower than usual. No, they just became a prey of sales strategy. Just put the poster "30, 50 or 70% discount", then women would think that it'd be useful to bought all the things that day because there was a BIG sale. Oh, women can be fooled easily in term of the discount things!

And that day, I walked around there just to know te situation. Yaaaaay,,that's true. Women shopped like crazy. Taking a lot of BIG RED plastic bags, Queing so patienly (woohoo,,) just to get all the things that they though it was much cheapper . (Believe me,,that Big Sale is not as big as you think ).

Girls, just think twice before you waste your money. Buy what you need..Big sale is everyday coz there are no "BIG" discount indeed. Check the price, you'll believe what I said :), trust me!


  1. hihi, tp mendadak saja aku teringat suatu momen "menemukan" nance di tengah "tumpukan" wanita di METRO BIG SALE PS..hihihihihihi....

  2. haha dasar cewek hobinya belanja!

  3. @ Diah :
    hihi Diah,,waktu itu mah aku lg butuh beli sepatu,,beneran da,,;p

    @anonymous :
    fitrah wanita,,hehe :D

  4. "...a prey of sales strategy..." emang gitu ya istilahnya, sy baru denger, n emang gak tahu...really in Metro not that cheap? What about in Griya or Jogja store? are they the same?

  5. Agung,,iy, maksudnya "termakan oleh strategi sales",,heheh.

    No idea about Griya or Jogja, but I knew a little fact in Metro. I've seen a bag, the price is Rp. 200rb, then on Friday I saw that bag but the price became Rp.600rb something with the poster "up to 70% discount". so, the conclusion is...? ;)

    *mgkn ga berlaku buat semua barang, tp contoh diatas bisa menggambarkan.

  6. hihi,,
    tau gak nda, pas aku lg baca postingan ini, tiba2 aku dapet email dgn subject: "Famous Brand Sale at Metro BSM", wkwkwk,,
    aahhh, I wish I was there now, huhu,,

  7. hahah Eka..buat Eka mah ga usah nunggu sala kali..;p

    ntar lg aja ka,,kalo kamu k bdg / jkt,,kita "main&belanja" bareng..hihi