February 27, 2009

My Job in Oracle

Hi,,wanna know my Job so far ? Ok,,let me share with you, what am I doing in Oracle so far..Here it is.
I joined Oracle in June 2008 as part of the first-ever batch from Indonesia of the ASEAN Graduate Development Program. After an intensive yet exciting two-month orientation in Kuala Lumpur with my fellow graduates (that was an awesome moment..^^), I embarked on my first rotation with the Business Development Consultant under Oracle Direct Application Sales (Commercial Accounts).
I truly feel that the learning curve is very steep in this particular role. Not only do I have to learn about the business processes and challenges of various industries but I also have to understand the solutions put forth by Oracle so that I can promote them to my prospective customers. After six months in this role, I feel much confident in talking to people and pitching IT solutions to them.
It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to be able to get my message across the people whom I’ve never known before. Furthermore, I have also gotten a chance to go onsite to meet our potential customers and I find this a very enriching practice from a learning point of view. I can see, in practice, the business processes in place in specific industries and this in turn helps me to pitch our products better to our potential customers. It also makes me realize that we not only need to know our own solutions well, we also need to know the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors.
Under this role, I see myself learning and growing rapidly. I see this as a good starting point to learn more about Oracle and its solutions, to understand the Oracle sales methodology, to develop persuasion and salesmanship skills and to build a robust network within the organization.
Ok, now..I was assigned in MRD sales Consultant. I picked up the basics of Oracle flagship SCM (Supply Chain Mangement) solution, Demantra, Transportation Management, othe ERP system and understood its salient features. In addition to my role as a Sales Consultant, I also engaged in calling up prospective customers and tried to pitch Demantra and other SCM solutions to them. All in all, this role gave me a good insight into the day-to-day working of a Sales Consultant; I also acquired in-depth product knowledge (focused on Demand Planning and Transportation Mangemnet, part of Oracle Advance Supply Chain Solutions), which I feel is essential if I want to sell the product&solutions well.
Wish me luck in my new role. I'll share with you again about my job next time.
How about your job,,tell me..tell me..i wanna know..^^


  1. Dear Nanda,
    my name is Marcos Reynero, from Argentina, I just wanna to say Hi!!, I started working in Oracle Parther in Argentina 6 months ago, one of my goals is to research demantra, and start to offer demantra as cost/benefit solution... so, I was excited to read about you, I would like to keep your contact, and be in touch so we can teamwork our strategies to sell demantra… so far, my strategy is to reach the pharmaceutical sector through some contacts and I am working in some specifics examples, also I am developing a hand on simulation, to show real time sales… any way, it is good to know that somebody, like you, is working in the same software… my email are: marcos.reynero@gmail.com
    Marcos Reynero

  2. sounds like you enjoy your job.. great!

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