February 22, 2012

If Life is So Short

" Isn't it funny how time seems to slip away, so fast..
One minute you're happy the other you're sad
But if You give me one more time, to show my love for you is true
I'll stand by your side, your whole life through.."

Time flies..and..it's February already.
Good things happened, as well as bad things..yess.. this is life!
in this 2 month, i've learned a lot.. i've changed.. hopefully to be better.
Like Rasullullah said, for a Moslem..life is always Great. Its about Grateful and Patience :). Then.. why should worry if everything has been written.
yess..said is easier than done.. but we always have a choice to be good.
Godd things will follow Good people.
Allhamdulillah, Thanks Allah for everything,,for this 2 month.
Now..i'm welcoming a new things.. a new me.. a new love..

"If Life is so short..why don't u let me love you before we run out of time.
If life is so short.. why don't you take a chance before our time has gone.."

keep loving me, dear reader :)
- nanda -

Location : Bintaro Park
Photographer&Editor : Adam Arizal
Make Up by my self

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