May 13, 2008


Graduate Development Program 2008

Program Structure

The Oracle Graduate Development Program is a 2-year program consisting of orientation, formal training, project rotations in the core lines of business, and finally job placement. The formal training is a combination of structured development programs on soft skills and functional competencies via various delivery formats. Graduates are also expected to work in a team environment and complete multiple projects addressing real business challenges and at the same time gaining a broad business understanding. Throughout the entire program, graduates will also receive constant support, coaching and mentoring from some of the brightest minds in the I.T industry.

Career Development at Oracle

At Oracle, you are empowered to manage your own career development opportunities. We do not give you a prescriptive career map as you are the one who takes charge of mapping out your own career directions. We are focused on helping you realise your career aspirations and provide necessary support through formal training programs, informal networking, ongoing coaching and mentoring,and regular feedback from your supervisors. The Oracle Graduate Development Program is a starting point – it provides you with a broad skill base that you can utilise to achieve your career goals or at least identify your further development needs. We support a long-term career relationship with you. Oracle is an open and fast-paced environment full of opportunities and challenges. Its success goes hand in hand with your success. It is important that you are moving in directions that best suit you as well as the business.

Get ready and grow with Oracle!

“Alhamdulillah,, that You give me the opportunity to join with Oracle. Yes, I do ask You to give me the best. And now, You have choosen this place for me to grow my career. Rabb,,honestly I’m very grateful,,but I’m worry about what will happen next. I know You are The Most who know what the best for me,,I hope this will be the best way to start another chapter in my life…”

“Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku memohon kepada-Mu, pilihkanlah bagiku mana yang baik bagiku menurut ilmu-Mu, dan aku mohon kepada-Mu kekuatan dengan qodrat-Mu, dan aku memohon dengan karunia-Mu yang besar, karena sesungguhnya Engkau-lah yang sanggup sedang aku tiada sanggup. Engkaulah yang mengetahui sedangkan aku tiada mengetahui dan Engkaulah yang mengetahui segala perkara yang ghaib. Ya Allah, jika memang telah Engkau ketahui bahwa perkara ini baik bagiku dalam urusan agamaku dan penghidupanku serta akibar urusanku, maka taqdirkanlah ia untukku dan mudahkanlah ia bagiku, serta berkatilah bagiku di dalamnya. Tetapi jika Engkau ketahui bahwa perkara ini buruk bagiku dalam agamaku dan penghidupanku serta akibat urusanku, maka hindarkanlah ia bagiku dan jauhkan pula aku daripadanya. Dan taqdirkanlah kebaikan bagiku di mana saja adanya, lalu jadikanlah hatiku meridhainya “ (HR.Bukhari)

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